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Abbreviations used in Collectable Paper Money Sales Lists

P prefixing the ref number indicates a reference from the Standard Catalog of World Paper Money (SCWPM),Vol. II
PS prefixing the ref number indicates an item from Volume 1 of the above catalog. (Specializes Issues).
B prefixing the ref number a Bank of England note. Ref # is from `English Paper Money' by V. Duggleby
T prefixing the ref number undicates an English Treasury note. Ref # is from `English Paper Money' by V. Duggleby
PNEW means the item was issued since the latest edition of the Standard Catalog of World Paper Money
PNL means `not listed in the Standard Catalog of World Paper Money
Please note: We accasionally use own reference number prefixes in cases where we do not have a reference from a well-known value-guide.

ABBREVIATIONS denoting TYPE of ITEM as found in our list of CHEQUES and SIMILAR-SIZED ITEMS
BE = bill of exchange
CD = certificate of deposit
CH = cheque
CH(R) = rairoad check or railway company cheque
DS = 1930s depression scrip (USA)
IS = Interest scrip
PN = Promissory note
PO = postal order
PW = pay warrant
R = receipt
RC = railroad check or railway cheque
STC = specimen travellers cheque
TC = travellers cheque

a/ds = adhesive duty stamp
c/b = counter's bend
c/c = cut cancelled
cl = cleaned
cls = colourless
e/tr = edge tear
f = front
n/c = notch cancelled
o/l = ornate logo/monogram/imprint
o/w = otherwise
p/c = perforation cancelled
p/hs = pin holes or staple holes
p/hs = pinholes
pr/ds = printed duty stamp
sp/h = spike hole
sp/hs = spike holes
u/i = unissued
u/m = unequal margins (stated when the u/m is not typical of the item)

b/w = black and white
b+w = black and white
bf = buff, beige or khaki)
blk = black
blu = blue
blu-blk = blue-black
br = blue
cl = clear (transparent)
dk = dark: e.g., dk br = dark brown
gld = metallic gold
gn = brown
gy = grey
li = cream
lt = light: e.g., lt gy = light grey
mn = maroon
mc = multicolour
mv = mauve
ora = orange
pk = pink
pu = purple
r = red
sl = metallic silver
tn = tan
vi = violet
wh = white

o/w = otherwise
+ = and
w/ = with
w/o = without
bldg = building
bnk = bank
grl = girl
l = left
ND = no date
ovpt = overprint
unpt = underprint

ABBREVIATIONS denoting POSITION (of a graphic detail or fault)
b = back
c = center
t,l = top left
t,c = top center
t,r = top right
l,c = left center
r,c = right center
b,l = bottom left
b,c = bottom center
b,r = bottom right

UNC = 'Uncirculated' - Perfectly preserved, sharp corners, flat, mint condition. As though it were fresh from the printers.
XF = 'Extremely fine' or 'EF'. Only slightest evidence of use - a crease, up to three light bends or minor marks etc.
VF = 'Very Fine' - Several creases, slight edge+corner wear etc., but still clean and fairly crisp, with no tears.
F = 'Fine' More worn and dull, but no centre hole from excessive folding. Could have edge tears, fading, pinholes etc.
VG = 'Very Good' - Tears into the design, staining, small center hole from excessive folding, graffiti. No pieces missing.
G = 'Good' - Usually limp, with heavy soiling and/or small pieces missing etc.
'A' preceeding the grade means 'almost' (e.g. 'AF' = 'almost fine')
'+' The more plus signs after the grade, the more the item exceeds the given grade (e.g. 'VF+++' means 'almost AXF').

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